Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: Beach Fossils 4/22

A small band from Brooklyn called Beach Fossils took over Zanzabar last Friday with the help of Seattle's Craft Spells and Louisville's Nzambi. The show started at 9pm with Nzambi playing first opening with an energetic electronic set, although the band was stoic on stage the crowd was getting pumped for what was coming. Craft Spells took the stage next and people enjoyed it, although the lead vocals were a bit off, I think most of that was due to sound which didn't seem to get fixed before the guys took the stage. The set was fun, and I am intrigued to hear more from these fellas. Beach Fossils finally got on at about 11pm and after having my ears blown out from the previous sound issues I was relieved to hear the calm pop tunes I have come to expect from them. Everyone was really getting down and having a great time, and a friend who came with me said it was definitely a favorite on her list. I had a great time, and kudos to Zanzabar for being a great venue!

Craft Spells

Beach Fossils

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