Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cabin is Back!

It's been five years since Cabin released their last first full-length album and now they're back! Cabin hasn't even played a show in the area for years but the silence will break with their performance Friday afternoon on WFPK's Live Lunch.

Cabin celebrates the release of their long-awaited CD, Among the Rectangles and Changeable Parts, next Friday at Headliners. If you're like me and can't wait that long, you can head down to Ear Xtacy where the CD is already available. You get a copy of the first CD with your purchase. If you already have it, just pass it along to another fan of good music.

I haven't had the CD long enough to give it a proper write up but I'm already in love with it after one listen, which is a real rarity for me. I can't wait to hear/see these songs live! Expect to hear more about Cabin here and, hopefully everywhere, in the near future.

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