Monday, June 14, 2010

Nappy Roots - New Album, Free Performance

The area's best-known rap group has a big day planned for us tomorrow. They will be playing a free in-store performance at Ear Xtacy the same day that their new album, In Pursuit of Nappyness, hits record stores.

The Grammy-nominated act is based out of Bowling Green, but has plenty of connections to our fair city (does the skyline on the album cover look familiar?). In Pursuit of Nappyness is the group's fourth major release. They already boast more than 5 million records sold worldwide! There is also a Nappy Roots mixtape available for free download at their website. The performance is @ 6:00 and is free!

1 comment:

johnking said...

is there 2 capitol holdings buildings (the robot penis looking building) in that skyline?