Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Soundtrack: Sweet Louisville Music deals under $10

This heat wave is a little more than we are expected to handle, but luckily there is some new music deals from Louisville bands to help us get through. here is some 37 flood endorsed picks for under $10! Do your self a favor, and support our local favorites and cool down your summer roll:

The Mack "Lazy Bones" LP download for a limited time just $3.49 that's half price for 16 tracks from this Louisville legend! @ LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS

Saredren Wells "Memories are hunting horns" CD now just $8 (LP $10). @ LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS

"Anniversary" tasty tracks from the last decade with rare performances by Joe Manning, The Gallery Singers, Deloreans, Whistle Peak and more! FREE!! @ LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS

King's Daughter's and Sons EP just $5.99 Featuring Kyle Crabtree, Rachel Grimes, Todd Cook, Joe Manning, Mike Heineman

The Pass "Colors" EP only $4.95 this band is blowing up. find out why.. @ ITUNES

Dead Child's classic self titled EP $8.99 @ EAR X-TACY

there is also 2 My Morning jacket live albums for $5.98 (proceeds go directly to Ear x-tacy) and Yim Yames' solo record for $8.99 @ EAR X-TACY
(and if you still in the mood to grab some classics, Slint's last album (as a sweet 10") is also available at ear x-tacy for $9.98.

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johnking said...

Cheyenne Mize "Before lately" EP is available at ear x-tacy (in-store only) for $10.
please comment here is you have come across any good music deals lately..