Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shotgun Fest 6/26

the 4th annual shotgun fest is this saturday in good ol' Germantown; home of shotgun camelback! this is usually a pretty good time, and easy on the wallet too; but with less public nudity than the Schnitzelburg fest.
this more family friendly Fest kicks off at noon on the corner of Schiller and Kentucky ST with a blast from the past: Monkey Boy and keeps going until nine with Tamara Dearing, Squeeze Bot, Heidi Howe, John Gage, C+, Lotus Blake, PRAIRIE WISDOM, and Your News Vehicle.
but just as exciting is the annual after party at Nach Bar, kicking off at nine with The Deloreans, Cougar Express, and The Zero Element.. also FREE! So, pack your pockets and purses with plenty of Natty Light and get down to Germantown.

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