Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Forecastle Represents!

Forecastle has become a music festival that Louisville can be proud of. If I had any criticism of the past years' lineups it was the lack of local acts at the show. I realize they won't draw in the out-of-towners but now that the out-of-towners abound, J.K. and company have come around to my way of thinking. This year's local and regional talent will have their own stage and damned if they won't hold their own.

Local institutions Heine Brothers Coffee, LEO Weekly, and SonaBlast Records present the Bluegrass Catastrophe at the North Stage. Here is the list of artists in order beginning with the ones I'm most excited about and ending with the ones I'm not familiar with:

Wax Fang
Arnett Hollow
The Ravenna Colt
The Fervor
Whistle Peak
Lucky Pineapple
Maiden Radio
Broken Spurs
The Pass
The Commonwealth
Paul K. and the Weatherman
Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue
The Children
Straight A's
Yard Sale
23-String Band
Scanners (Dr. Gonzo & Nacirema)
The Deloreans
Six White Horses
Nerves Jr.
Scott Mertz

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