Friday, June 25, 2010

Removador Debuts Lydia Burrell

Yim Yames' record label, Removador Records and Solutions, released the debut album of producer Alexander Smith, under the moniker Lydia Burrel. I haven't heard the album but My Morning's Jacket's frontman is known for championing great music by under appreciated artists.

Here's some of what the press release said:

The album is a juxtaposition of richly detailed electronic production and his earnest voice. Aside from recording and production assistance from Yames and another friend, Ben Mundane, the collection of songs is a DIY affair, entirely the product of Smith's creation.

Smith had been writing and performing music since high school. His interests led him eventually to pursue a masters degree in music theory and composition from University of Louisville... He has spent the last eight years building, tuning, and maintaining church pipe organs. "It's stimulating to work with your hands and satisfying to play a part in how an enormous and complex instrument sounds," says Smith. "I think it's helped me to understand and appreciate the craftsmanship and process of building things."

You can download an mp3 and order the album here.

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