Sunday, June 20, 2010

Steilberg Teachers Concert

This Monday the teachers at Steilberg String Instruments in Buechel will put their world-class talent on display for a good cause. If you're not already aware of the awesome talent that exists down in Buechel now is the perfect time to see it for yourself.

Guitarist Craig Wagner (Liberation Prophecy, Java Men) is easily the best player in the state. Former Fire the Saddle bandmates Mick Sullivan (SqueezeBot) and Joe Burchett (The Mandlebrots) will be there. Perhaps I can talk them into doing a few Fire the Saddle tunes for old time's sake! Bassist Lee Pucket (Murali Coryell, Boogie Juice), Charlie Riveria (The Outfit), and violinist Katie Raymond (Bourbon Baroque, Music Theatre of Louisville) will also be featured. The teachers will cover the likes of the Beatles, Chick Corea, and much more.

Seating is limited but tickets are only five dollars and the money goes towards a great cause. Mick and Joe are part of Starduck Charities. 100% of ticket sales from this concert will go to refurbish the rec room at St. Joe's Children Home on Frankfort Ave for their 40 full-time residents. You can also find Starduck Charities at the duck pond at St. Joe's Picnic to make a donation this August. The show is Monday at 7:30.

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